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Basic Guidelines for Diabetes Care Packet

The Basic Guidelines for Diabetes Care, revised August 2009,  is user-friendly with explanatory notes designed for clinicians and their organizations. They are called "basic" because they include the essential or core components of diabetes care. In addition to the Guidelines, the packet includes references and implementation tools for clinicians.

Value Added Features:
-Valid for all age groups, including children
-Consistent with American Diabetes Association's Clinical Practice Recommendations
-Updated regularly and reviewed by health care professionals and organizations who work with people with diabetes

You can download various pieces of the Basic Guidelines for Diabetes Care Packet by clicking on the individual links or the entire packet by clicking on the first link, "Basic Guidelines for Diabetes Care - Full Packet (revised 2009 - 2012)".

Please help us to better understand the use of these Basic Guidelines for Diabetes Care by clicking on the link below and completing the brief seven question survey.

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